Nigeria’s National Policy for Mental Health Delivery 2013

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“There are less than 150 psychiatrists in the country (around 1 per 1 million population) and very few neurologists., with many newly trained specialists leaving the country to work abroad. There are around 5 psychiatric nurses per 100,000 population and only very few other mental and neurological health professionals like clinical psychologists, social workers, neurophysiotherapists, and occupational therapists. The systems that support delivery of services are currently weak, with poor availability of psychotropic drugs and lack of incorporation of mental and neurological health measures in health information systems.” – National Policy on Mental Health Delivery, 2013


Did you know that Nigeria has a national policy for delivery of   mental, neurological and substance abuse (MNS) service? Back in August 2013, the National Council on Health adopted a policy on mental health delivery. It however is not Nigeria’s first policy on MNS care. The 2013 policy is actually an update on the 1991 version. Awareness of this policy may be relatively low, but – just as with the National Health Law – we would shared snippets of the policy on our social media. Please join us on Twitter and Facebook. A copy of the policy can be accessed here.




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