CHELD’s Mental Health Project

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Mental health in Nigeria has been called the silent epidemic, and the forgotten issue.  Our mental health project seeks to make mental health matters visible, prominent, and by so doing create awareness, reduce stigma, increase public education, and change law and policy to expand the rights of, and better serve the needs of people suffering mental illnesses, their families, and caregivers.   We aim to be actively involved in the push for new mental health legislation in Nigeria.  Please read our articles in the national dailies on the subject: Why We Must Revive the Mental Health Bill, Now.

The foundation of our strategy is to give a voice to those who are directly affected by mental illness, and to encourage their input in the revitalisation of efforts to improve the mental health system and change policy.  If you, or someone close to you, have been affected by mental illnesses, please share your story with us.  Tell us about the challenges you have faced in treating your mental illness, your experience with hospitals if any, or with faith healers.  Let us know how you have been able to relate to others or not, and any challenges you or your loved one has had with respect to being open about an on-going or current battle with mental illness.  All stories are kept in strict confidence and will only be used by CHELD for advocacy and educational purposes.

Please read our articles on mental health issues in Nigeria on our site and share your stories with us through the comment section or by email.  Contact the Executive Director directly at:  or our general email account:


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