Conversations on Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence and abuse are human rights violations which impact the health of individuals (particularly women) and have high economic costs for the society. Although it is hard to put concrete figures on the incidence of domestic violence and abuse in Nigeria because of the silence that often surrounds it, the prevalence of domestic violence in Nigeria has been described as being of epidemic proportions. Domestic violence is a silent killer that has taken the lives of many people in Nigeria, particularly women.

CHELD is working to open up conversations and end the silence around domestic violence. Through our series, Conversations on Domestic Violence, we open up spaces for people of different walks of lives to come together to discuss issues relating to domestic violence abuse from personal, policy and interventional perspectives.  The series aim to correct existing myths, discuss the impact of domestic violence, disseminate information about the current supports available, provide avenues for suffering victims to emerge and receive assistance, and encourage and energise those who may be seeking avenues to engage in social justice. The series also provide a forum in an interactive and relaxed atmosphere to have open conversations and develop solutions for policymakers that may not otherwise be available in the spaces in which they move.

For more information on previous editions of the Conversations, please visit our Domestic Violence Resource Centre:


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