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One of CHELD’s projects is to ensure that all Nigerian health and health-relevant law is made freely accessible online, since most are currently not available online.  The aim is to improve knowledge of our existing legislation, highlight the need for updating and revising some of our current legislation, and assist researchers and advocates in their work.  To this end, we provide access to health and health-relevant legislation. Please visit our  Legislation page.  For legislation on issues related to violence against women/gender-based violence in Nigeria, please look through this site and visit our Online Domestic Violence Resource Centre

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    Domestic abuse and violence, is a societal menace, a serious public health issue, which often has negative intergenerational impacts.  Many people, particularly women, but even a few men, and the children who witness abuse in their homes have suffered and continue to suffer without knowledge of how to address this…
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    The CHELD team is comprised of lawyers, doctors, health professionals, social scientists, economists, public health specialists, gender specialists, and statisticians. Each professional brings their expertise to different aspects of CHELD’s work, providing a holistic approach to health law and policy development and to the execution of the practical projects that…
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    To commemorate, the 16 Days of Activism to End Violence against Women, The Centre for Health Ethics Law and Development (CHELD) hosted another edition of its Conversations on Domestic Violence on Saturday December 6, 2014. This event was held in the lovely ambience of Ginger Tapas Bar and Grill, one…
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