Health Law

a)      Making all health related legislation in Nigeria easily accessible online on the CHELD Website

b)      Training doctors in Nigerian hospitals on the basics of health/medical law and jurisprudence: This project is ongoing and has begun with a seminar presentation on the legal issues in Pediatric Medicine at the Haemetology and Oncology Unit, Department of Pediatrics, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH in March 2012


Health Development

c)      Health Literacy, Education and Promotion

  • Educating young people on the basics nutrition:  This project aims to provide basic nutrition knowledge to students in public schools in Lagos State, Nigeria.  It has commenced at the MagbonAladeGrammer Secondary School, Ibeju- Lekki. This first training took place in collaboration with Novus Femina, an organisation providing life skills to young girls and women.
  • Cervical Cancer Awareness Project:  This project aims to minimise the incidence of cervical cancer in Nigeria by educating young women in Nigerian universities to adopt preventive strategies and encourage greater information about the need for pap tests.
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Program:This program to encourage good choices among girls and young women, especially those in disadvantaged circumstances.  The target audience for the youth part of the program are students in public/government secondary schools in Lagos and women attending antenatal clinics in government hospitals in Lagos State.

 Research Projects

a)       Research on NCDs in Nigeria



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