Today is the World Universal Health Coverage Day

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Majority of Nigerians die from preventable diseases that don’t require rocket science to be addressed, and only about 5% of Nigerians (federal civil servants) are covered by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) which the Federal Government pays 100% of the premium since the scheme started in 2005. This is from tax payers money by the way, but it only covers those who are privileged to work for the federal government….and almost all the 36 states in Nigeria have no health insurance coverage for their ‘citizens’ except for a few villages and communities that run ‘Community-based Health Insurance Scheme’; many of which cover just a few Nigerians overall.

But as a Nigerian citizen, you deserve access to quality healthcare without having to pay out of your pocket at the hospital or clinic (point of access) in such a way that it would not impoverish you and make you unable to cater for your own personal needs and family.

You deserve to treated with dignity by health carer workers who attend to you…they were employed to take care of you in the first place, and you also need to know your that health is your right, but you also have a responsibility to take actions to help you live and remain healthy!

In Nigeria, the signing of the ?#?NationalHealthAct? is considered as a strategic step towards achieving universal health coverage for all Nigerians.

So get more information about the #NationalHealthAct
Though the 1999 Constitution didn’t expressly guarantee your right as a Nigerian to basic healthcare services, but you now have this right as provided in the 2014 National Health Act which President Goodluck signed into Law recently
– You have a right to be treated at any hospital during emergencies or after an accident without them rejecting you on flimsy reasons
– Ask questions about how the provisions of the #NationalHealthAct will be implemented by Federal Ministry of Health, National Health Insurance Scheme etc

Spread the word…it’s World Universal Health Coverage Day!

You have a right to quality healthcare…since you can’t be flown abroad to Europe or India as a ‘medical tourist’ using Nigeria’s petrodollars !
Félix Abraham Obi, CHELD


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