Who We Are

To promote the right to health in Nigeria and Africa through Law, Policy,
Capacity-Building, Research, and Advocacy.

Centre for Health Ethics Law and Development (CHELD) is a not for profit, non-governmental organization registered in Nigeria and established in 2010.

The organization is both a research think-tank and an implementer in the area of public health, mental health, child health and survival, gender-based violence, NCDs and migration and their intersections with health, amongst other areas of interest.

CHELD also consistently lends its expertise to development of health policies with the aim to providing practical solutions to health care issues around Nigeria. In this area, CHELD has worked closely with various national and international health organizations on projects relating to public health, female genital mutilation, migration, and health insurance among others.

CHELD’s multidisciplinary team consists of a group of experienced legal practitioners and specialist consultants with several years of experience in policy advocacy, developing legislation, conducting research in the areas of law, public health, migration, gender, gender-based violence and youth development. The team is led by Prof. Cheluchi Onyemelukwe, a professor of Law, and a leading health lawyer in Nigeria who has been involved in health law reform nationally and internationally.  


To promote the right to health in Nigeria and Africa through Law, Policy, Capacity-Building, Research, and Advocacy.


A world where universal and inclusive access to health services and the right to health of individuals and communities are fully recognised and achieved.

“CHELD is a non-profit organisation, established in 2010, and based in Lagos, Nigeria. The organisation was established to employ law, policy, ethics promotion and research, and practical health development projects to improve public health in Nigeria and other African countries.”

In support of the principle of “Health for All,” the human right to health and universal health coverage, CHELD provides research, analyses of issues and reasoned solutions, bringing extensive understanding of health law and policies to various cross-cutting issues such as migration, human rights, gender amongst others.  It provides services to governments, regulatory authorities, global health agencies, development organisations, international donors, and persons involved in health development. CHELD provides policymakers with ongoing, systematic, and informed international and comparative analyses and reflections on policy options and their implications from legal, social, and ethical perspectives.

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