CHELD Influences Health Law and Policy and advocates for the revitalization of the health sector in Nigeria and other African Countries

Gender-Based Violence

The organization is both a research think-tank and an implementer in the area of gender based violence and its intersections with health, amongst other areas of interest. It does extensive work on the intersections of health and gender-based violence.


It conducts research in this area. It also runs a first of its kind virtual resource portal for domestic violence and other gender-based violence resources in Nigeria –, where it provides information on legislation, policies, tips for persons in abusive situations and a helpline, and the first of its kind information on available resources: The Red Diary. Supporting various clients has helped inform the organisation on the importance of this research project.

Since 2012, CHELD has supported over 2,000 women with legal aid, material assistance and referral on domestic violence through its interventions. CHELD has been involved in promoting awareness of sexual and genderbased violence in schools in Nigeria. It collaborates with government and non-governmental agencies to provide support for clients. It has also provided trainings to students, health professionals, women and other communities on domestic violence and other kinds of gender-based violence.  It provides support with obtaining protection orders, divorces, custody in situations of domestic violence.