What We Do

CHELD employs law, policy, ethics promotion and research to improve public health in Nigeria and other African countries.   Its broad mission is to provide information on, analyse current policy responses to health issues, advocate for health law reform, health system reforms, and health policy implementation.  Itseeks to influence and inform health law, ethics, regulation and policy development in Nigeria and other African countries.

As a think-tank, CHELD provides research, analyses of issues and reasoned solutions to governments, regulatory authorities, global health agencies, development organisations, international donors, and persons involved in health development. CHELD provides policymakers with ongoing, systematic, and informed international and comparative analyses and reflections on policy options and their implications from legal, social, and ethical perspectives. It monitors legislation, court decisions, and regulatory movements related to health.

CHELD also addresses the health concerns of the society and promotes good health by engaging in empowering health development projects.  These health development projects include the provision of health literacy and education to the general public about health issues, preventive measures, latest developments in health research from around the world, and the promotion of consumer awareness.  It also includes educating health professionals about their legal and ethical obligations. The ultimate goal is to promote better health outcomes in Nigeria and other African countries.

More specifically, CHELD provides:


  1. Policy Development, Analysis and Evaluation, and Advisory services
  2. Research Services
  3. Legislative and Regulatory Services
  4. Consultancy Services
  5. Advocacy
  6. Education and Capacity-Building
    1. A web portal with educational information on health,
    2. A compendium of health legislation, policy and case law,
    3. A blog with analysis of current health developments and issues in Nigeria
    4. Health news from around Nigeria, other African countries, and around the world
  7. Health development projects in conjunction with development partners


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